Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prayer Bear

Last year, a volunteer at my school slipped in to my classroom with a special Several weeks ago a volunteer at my school slipped in to my classroom with a special gift; a prayer bear. Made with love and small enough to travel, Mrs. B packed the bear with plenty of prayers and well-wishes. I asked G to take it with him or at the least to pack it away for our future (as in so far in the future you can barely even catch a glimpse) children. Never did I expect him to actually take the bear and certainly if he did, never to bring it out of his bag. Always full of surprises, he not only took the bear, but has also began to snap pictures of the bear in action. He sent me a few pictures from time to time of the Prayer Bear doing various things associated with his deployment. It always made me smile to see the bear working alongside a bunch of Marines and Sailors. When G returned, he had even more pictures of the bear to share with me. It brought me great joy to see the little guy "flying" and completing rescue missions, PTing with the guys, or "keeping watch" at night. Operation Prayer Bear was a success.

Again, G is packing to head back out. It seems strange saying goodbye when we just said hello. This time, I will be sending him out with 20 other Prayer Bears thanks to Mrs. B's church. All of them are different, but they send the same message. Wherever you may go and whatever you may see, He will be with you.

Thank you Mrs. B!

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