Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Tricks, Just Treats

I am excited about an upcoming post about my latest miniature care packages for the cutest little pumpkins! 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Being pregnant is not easy. Or at least that's what I would imagine, not having ever been pregnant myself. There's doctor visits (and endless bills), the buying of diapers and nursery furniture. There's the smiling at every gift given and the endless talks revolving around naming the little one. I'm sure it's all exciting, but like most relationships, you have the honeymoon stage and then reality hits. And the sudden whirlwind excitement becomes panic and everyone's left wondering "what now?" Normally you go through that together, husband and wife, hand in hand. Unfortunately, for expecting mothers of deployed soldiers, the panic comes sooner and the tears are fought back long before they begin packing. You smile because you have to. You smile because you know their life and yours depend on knowing you'll be okay. You can do this.

For one mother, this is nothing new. As she does her best to take care of her fast growing little girl, the house, and everyday chores, she's also left caring for the little baby she's yet to meet. And she's doing this alone- sort of. Although her husband is off serving our country and he's not able to help with the day-to-day stuff, she's surrounded by friends and family who offer the support she needs. Unfortunately, although there are many who have offered and are willing to help, she hardly ever asks for it. She takes pride in knowing that she can fix things around the house, complete the chores, pay bills, and still have time to play dress up with her daughter; all with a smile on her face. And her free time? She calls to make sure other wives are doing okay, offers her advice, and lends an ear. She sends e-mails, cards, letters. She's a modern day Wonder Woman; an inspiration.

Not long after the website was established, I received an e-mail from a friend of this mother. She wrote asking if I'd be interested in helping spread a little more sunshine and love to this expecting mother. Today I am proud to announce the completion of the Pretty in Pink basket for this mother, her little girl, and her baby girl to be. It will be sent to a place I've never been with hope that although she may somewhere inside feel alone, know that she's not. She is surrounded by everyday Americans who appreciate all that she does for our country. I hope they enjoy opening everything as much as I enjoyed shopping for them. It was an honor.