Wednesday, June 15, 2011


A couple of months ago I posted the following as a discussion on our Facebook page. I thought it was worth reposting, though the period of time has obviously changed.

During the next several weeks, we'll hear gripes and grumbles over the daily sacrifices made by those who have given something up in observance of the sacrifices made by Jesus. Although faithful, the words "I wish" and "if only" will be mumbled by those followers as they walk past the chocolate aisle, glance over a menu, or pass up their Starbucks Coffee. Forty days. That's the number of days, those in observance, will sacrifice.

180. That's the average number of days a military family sacrifices while their loved one is deployed. Of the remaining 185 days, a 1/3 will be sacrificed through training. Sacrifices made, on your behalf, so you can practice your religion in the safety of your home, city, state, and country.

As the days of the Lent Season pass, I just have one question...

What sacrifice are you willing to make for them?

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